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We pride ourselves on providing top quality ATV, Dirt Bikes, and Electric Scooters, Balance Bikes, variety of accessories and inventory of parts– at very affordable prices.

As a licensed and authorized powersports manufacturer, SYX MOTO has been trying to provide customers with top-class products as well as best customer service, safest & fastest delivery and any possible technical support. Your satisfaction - our number one priority!

SYX MOTO offers a quick-and-easy online shopping process. Our customer service representatives are always ready to serve you. In addition, your personal information is securely protected on syxmoto.com. Enjoy passion, convenience, ease, high value from here!

Benefits of Shopping at Syxmoto.com

  • ▪ Multiple Choices
    ▪ Factory Direct Supply
    ▪ Lowest Price Guaranteed (Price match will need to be verified)
    ▪ Massive On-hand Merchandise Stock (100,000 ft² warehouse)
  • Great Customer Support
    Toll Free Service
    Professional Technical Team
    Lifetime Technical Support
    Massive Parts Supply
  • Quality Products
    Selected Quality Parts
    Long Term Cooperation with Factory, Quality Guaranteed