Receipt Instruction

Thank you for your purchase! In order to ensure your satisfaction and better customer service, please read the receipt instruction very carefully and follow the instruction.

Please be sure to inspect the vehicle thoroughly BEFORE signing the delivery receipt. Any damages or missing parts MUST be noted on the delivery receipt and have the driver sign in  acknowledgement. We do not accept any damage report without signature on delivery receipt.

1) If the damage is simply a few scratches or cracked plastic part(s), you can accept it and we'll send you replacement parts free of charge after we receive your complete supporting documents for the claim. You must notify us within 3 days of delivery.

2) If you believe that the vehicle has more than just cosmetic damages and is totally destroyed during transit, please sign the “refuse due to damage” on the delivery receipt, and inform us immediately.         

1.Before the delivery driver arrives, have a camera (preferably digital) ready.


a.After the delivery driver arrives and unloads your box, but before the delivery driver leaves, open the box and inspect the condition of the unit carefully and note any and all damages.
b.The delivery driver can voluntarily stay there for 15 minutes if time permits but is not required to. If the delivery driver is attempting to leave before you can inspect your unit; please note on your delivery slip," Possible hidden damage. Driver did not allow time to inspect."
c.Do not take any advice from the delivery driver in regards to your shipment.
d.If there are minor damages to your unit, please notate the damages on the delivery slip (driver's copy as well as your copy). We will be able to send you replacement parts free of charge. If there is no notation of damage on the delivery slip (driver's copy), in most cases you will be responsible of cost of replacement parts and freight. 


If the merchandise is damaged beyond repair, please email to immediately. You will need to follow the steps to get a replacement unit: 
a.Take pictures of damaged unit
b. Notate on the delivery slip that shipment is refused due to shipping damage
Once damage is confirmed, your replacement unit will be shipped immediately.

4.Wrong unit received

If you receive a wrong unit you will need to take pictures of the unit and the box mark showing the model number. 

You have the option of keeping the unit. If there is a price difference, we will either refund you the difference or you will need to pay the difference. 
If you choose to return the unit, you will need to keep the unit in its original package with its original packaging material. Do not throw away the pallet. All units need to be returned on pallet.
If a unit is taken out of the box and used, we cannot accept the return.

5.Keep all packaging materials

Please keep all packaging materials (boxes, pallet, tray ties and etc.), instruction manuals and parts of the unit for the duration of the warranty period as they must be returned with the product. We do not accept any products without packaging materials. If you don’t have the packaging materials please purchase from online stores such as Amazon, UHAUL or visit a local store before returning. You can also contact us to get the necessary packaging materials but the fees for the packaging materials will be deducted from the refund amount.

• Concealed Shipping Damages

In case you did not notate damage on the Delivery Slip (whether it is because you did not inspect the unit during delivery or there is no visible damage to the packaging) but you discovered damages afterwards, this is considered "Concealed Damages". You will need to report all damages with pictures within 3 Calendar Days. We will NOT be able to cover any damaged parts and/or freight to send out replacement parts if we do not receive the damage report within 3 Calendar Days of delivery. Due to the nature of concealed damages, trucking companies will not acknowledge any damage claim if the claim is not filed within the time frame. This also includes any parts that you notice are missing. We need pictures showing what is missing so they can be shipped.